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Advisory & Engineering

CSAE ADVISORY division provides a comprehensive of services to operators, lessors, investors, financiers and insurers.

These services include :

  • Establishing and operating manufacturer sales financing programs
  • Assisting investors and owners to manage and minimize exposure to aircraft assets
  • Evaluating aircraft portfolios and their associated financing to assess values and exposures
  • Advising customers to all aspects of aircraft, acquisition, operation, financing, leasing and disposal

CSAE ENGINEEERING division has a wide range of available expertise. Our personnel include individual who have gained direct experience from holding senior positions with aircraft manufacturers, airlines operating lessors, banks and financial arrangers.

These services include :

  • Development of an appropriate operations management and support infrastructure
  • Interim management, reinforcement or temporary cover.
  • Identification and procurement of appropriate physical resources including: Aircraft and related spare parts and tooling ground facilities, hangars, etc.…
  • Cost control implementation and budget analysis,
  • Human Resources Management, with a specific attention to: pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and flight dispatch.
  • Accounting practices and procedures implementation
  • Aircraft Fleet management and Route management analysis.
  • Attainment of appropriate approval of operating certification in all appropriate jurisdiction.