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Operation division has been involves in almost every aspect of the commercial aviation industry. CSAE’s consultants has a long experience in development of operations systems and procedures for regional airlines and the company has extensive history of providing technical and system support to regional carriers throughout the world as follows:


CSAE provides turboprop and jet technical training , initial flight operations and maintenance training to a wide range of carriers based around the world. These include type rating and recurrent training for pilots.

CSAE Technical support provides a full support program in terms of on site management and technical personnel, as follows :

  • Captains, First Officers, or even Chief Pilot
  • Flight Operation Management
  • Ground Engineers or even Chief of Maintenance
  • Maintenance Inspectors
  • Supervisory Management
  • IT management
  • Station Management

Applications include revenue accounting (and marketing data base) finance, maintenance, flight operations, inventory control and yield management systems.